Magnificent Shed Seven make it a memorable night for music fans in Norwich

Shed Seven at the UEA: Pic: David Powles.

Shed Seven at the UEA: Pic: David Powles. - Credit: Archant

Indie rock fans were on standby for a memorable night of music as Shed Seven rode magnificently into Norwich's UEA.

Shed Seven at the UEA: PIC: David Powles.

Shed Seven at the UEA: PIC: David Powles. - Credit: Archant

And the Rick Witter-fronted band certainly did not disappoint.

The Sheds, who have just released new album Instant Pleasures - their first in 16 years, took to the Nick Rayns LCR stage on Monday night for a stomping, hit-filled set.

While the band played some great new material, including Better Days and People Will Talk, so many of the highlights harked back to the 1990s.

It was a time when Shed Seven, together with the likes of Oasis and Blur, were riding on the crest of a Britpop wave, a time when albums were bought rather than streamed.

Shed Seven performing at the UEA. PIC: Dan Grimmer.

Shed Seven performing at the UEA. PIC: Dan Grimmer. - Credit: Archant

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And just as the albums are tangible so too was the love for the band whose likeable and enigmatic frontman ensured the crowd, in a nod to a lyric from Oasis' anthem Rock 'n' Roll Star, were 'all in my hands tonight'.

Witter wriggled and writhed like a singing snake, bantering with the audience throughout and even joining them at the end of the gig which included classic Shed Seven hits like Going for Gold, Disco Down, She Left Me on Friday, Where Have you Been Tonight, Devil in Your Shoes, Speakeasy and Getting Better.

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There was even time for a Stone Roses guitar medley during the set which once again proved that while some might say they never reached the stratospheric heights of their 90s contemporaries, there are few better at giving gig-goers what they want - a great time with memories to last a lifetime.

Of course the band, originally from York, ended the night with Chasing Rainbows, and for everyone in the crowd there was a pot of gold at the end of it.

Cast, originally formed in 1992 in Liverpool, provided superb support for Shed Seven on the night.

The band gave the crowd with a chance to roll back the years to the mid 1990s with some hits from their biggest selling album of the time All Change, including Alright, Sandstorm and Walkwaway.

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