Bungay Castle

Shakespeare at the Castle has been a permanent date in Bungay for Circle '67 for 18 years now, and is usually part of the town's festival.

This year, the date fell outside the two-week programme, but it was well worth the wait as the Halesworth-based group got it down to an hour, but lost none of the grim drama and pathos.

An audience of about 150 gathered in the castle ruins to enjoy this tale of plotting, murder, guilt and madness.

David Metherell took the title role, and did well as the haunted thain, while Vicky Craddock as Lady Macbeth was well cast.

Banquo and Macduff, both caught up in the intrigue and tragedy, were effectively played by Philip Gough and Richard Dwelly, while Bernard Fox was Duncan and Chris Collins, Ross.

Peter Lewis provided a nice cameo role as the porter, while others contributing to this well-presented production were Oliver Densham as Malcolm, Jean Gillies, Judith Middleton-Stewart and Mia Hacker as the witches, Lewis Craddock as Fleance, Graham Thurston and Julian Mamo as the murderers, and Elissa Palser, Tom Potter and Alfie Linney as servants.

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Music was provided by Anne Clifford on oboe and Julian Mamo on drums in a production directed by Jan Martin.