MA Fine Art Exhibition

Norwich School of Art and Design

Perched on an leather upholstered dining chair in the Art School entrance foyer is a beguiling personification of that familiar concept the 'Little White Lie' by Mary Colleen Rabb.

His diminished stature and open gesture comically suggest he is harmless and reassuringly absolve the viewer henceforth!

A plundered assortment of hardware and haberdashery items are ingeniously embedded in Emma Reynolds collection of wax torsos, the cumulative effect of which is benignly sinister.

Pencil drawings by Vanessa Clegg drew my admiration for the sensitive and skilled way in which they portrayed the mottled corpulence of an ageing female.

Equally powerful is Reclaiming My Body by Val Redington.

The pierced, patinated bronze female is portrayed in a pose of almost religious ecstasy.

Most Read

Janet Watson uses stitch work and dyeing techniques with a contemporary twist in her series 'The Shopping Trip.'

The anonymous self-illuminating figures form a striking tableau.

There are several video installations, but Andrew Campbell's piece entitled What Does it Matter If was by far the most meaningful. Meditative and moving, particularly the pulsating of a single white feather over his heart, illustrating the ephemerality of our existence.

20/20 Instinct is a fascinating series of works that resulted from Deborah Lay's empirical recording of people's responses to a careful selection of words, symbols and objects.

On a more light-hearted scientific quest, Sue Bowerman's polystyrene Prototype Introscope allows the viewer to inspect the inner workings of their ear!

There are also exhibitions of the work produced by the MA Animation & Sound Design and Textile Culture students.

t Until September 15