Lunchtime with Royal Academy of Music

Assembly House, Norwich (Norfolk and Norwich Festival)

Assembly House, Norwich (Norfolk and Norwich Festival)

Despite all predictions, the sun came out at lunchtime in Norwich, but it was only here that the rays of musical talent beamed down. Performing were Thomas Gould (violin), Louisa Tuck (cello) and John Reid (piano).

The postgraduate students of the RAM displayed their prowess with a performance of Beethoven's Variations in E flat opus 44 and Schubert's Piano Trio in E flat D929.

An emotive, and not overly indulgent, performance displayed beautifully the similarities of these great Romantic composers while allowing their individual characters to shine through.

These musicians had an energy that abounded, producing a truly cohesive blend throughout, knowing how and when to produce the right tone and quality to allow each other to shine while sensitively addressing changes in key, tempo and mood.

A masterclass in piano-playing in itself, Reid has a technique to be envied.

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From the very beginning these young musicians imbued quiet confidence, and this was well founded. Their control of their instruments and understanding of the style was incredible.

As is ever the case, the city continued to run its noisy route during the recital, but this hardly detracted from the delightful rendition by these talented young players.