Loyd Grossman to play Glastonbury warm-up show at Norwich pub with his punk band

Loyd Grossman. Photo credit should read: John Stillwell/PA Wire

Loyd Grossman. Photo credit should read: John Stillwell/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Who'd gig in a pub like this?

He's been to the Fine City before in a campaign to improve hospital food, and his face can be found on pasta sauce jars across the land.

And as we go through the keyhole of The Murderers pub in Norwich next month, TV presenter Loyd Grossman will be on stage with his punk band.

The star, famed for his distinctive voice, was a roving presenter on Through The Keyhole which explored the homes of the famous, and he hosted Masterchef in the 1990s.

He is also known for his Loyd Grossman sauces, which feature a picture of him in his trademark glasses on the label.

Alongside his culinary endeavours, he has carved out a musical career in punk rock bands.

And he will play at The Murderers, in Timber Hill, with The New Forbidden next month as a warm-up gig for the Glastonbury festival.

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Phil Cutter, landlord of the pub, said: 'For a man of my age, he was quite a big celebrity of his time - he had a few shows on the go.

'He's taken a step back from that.

'I'd heard he was quite an accomplished musician but didn't realise quite how much.

'It's a labour of love for him.'

He said that the drinking spot had had its fair share of star visitors over the years, including Alan Partridge creator Steve Coogan, and Men Behaving Badly actor Neil Morrissey.

But neither of them had showed off their musical skills.

Mr Grossman reached number 49 in the UK singles charts in 1977 with punk band Jet Bronx And The Forbidden.

The track was called Ain't Doin' Nothing.

He returned to gigging in 2008, currently with the New Forbidden.

Mr Grossman previously visited Norwich in 2002 when he went to sample meals at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital as part of a national drive to improve NHS food.

The free gig at The Murderers is from 8pm on Friday, June 3.

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