Love's Labour's Lost

UEA Studio, Norwich

> UEA Studio, Norwich

The words have it in the final-year drama students' interpretation of Shakespeare's comedy: a production in which even the set is scrawled over in letters and runes.

When the curtain goes up, love is the word on everyone's lips, as stately but dashing Sholto Morgan, King of Navarre, vows that he will have none of it and prevails on the three Lords in his court to follow suit.

No sooner have they done so, however, than the Princess of France (Suzie Edgeley in serious and sophisticated mood) pops up with three tulled-up attendants bent on a spot of diplomacy.

As for the Labours, no one has more of them than the passionately pained

Don Adriano de Armardo, Emma Coghill, whose moustache-twiddling, feather-cap-clutching adoration of country bumpkin Jaquenetta (Amy Castledine in a yellow off- the-shoulder number with bucolic bows and cow eyes) should surely win a prize, if not get the girl.

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The last word is Lost. And of course, it really is, as we never get to find out what happens in the end.

The final act plays off-stage for eternity. Will love win through or won't it? Well,

if the warmth in this generous cast is anything to go by, I know which way the dice are loaded.

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