Highbrow eyebrow Love Island debate about Norwich’s Sam Bird

Sam Bird (C) ITV

Sam Bird (C) ITV - Credit: itv

'One of his eyebrows looks like it's about to devour its weaker sibling...' Sam Bird is the subject of intense eyebrow debate on social media but he has other matters on his mind as two single ladies vye for his attention in order to stay in the villa.

Eye-raising comments about Norwich's Love Island newbie Sam Bird have been made which suggest he needs to consider a new brow-mance before a romance.

Sam, who runs a high-energy gym Core Fitness in the Union Building in Norwich may have given Made in Chelsea star and I'm a Celebrity…winner Toff Toffolo a work-out with personal training sessions but fans of Love Island are struggling to work out his facial topiary.

'The Bird', who told viewers 'some girls have said to me I'm too pretty, so maybe that's my problem', appears – according to some Love Island devotees – to have two different eyebrow styles on the same face. Some have drawn comparisons to the episode of Friends when Joey is left with odd eyebrows after being unable to endure the pain of having both waxed.

On Twitter, Sam's eyebrows almost started trending: @ClartyShoe said 'One of his eyebrows looks like it's about to devour its weaker sibling #LoveIsIand while @MissFisherr said:

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That new lad Sam needs to sort his eyebrows out before he gets in that villa, does his eyebrow lady hate him? #loveisland.

Olivia Harris, @MrsLivHarris, said: 'I'm sorry but new boy Sam has odd eyebrows and it's REALLY bothering me. #loveisland' while @hannaahjane chipped in with 'It's like a baby caterpillar chasing its mama!'

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Sophie Gorringe @ideksophiexx summed up the issue thus: 'I know eyebrows are sisters and not twins but this new guy- Sam's eyebrows are not even related.'

Introducing himself to the viewing public, Sam said: 'I'm Sam Bird, aka The Bird, I want to swoop down and take a girl under my wing. Sam Bird needs a new member. I want to find a girl with energy like me, and tame me when I'm a bit naughty.

'Some girls have said to me that I'm too pretty, so maybe that's my problem? Someone has said that to me before, that's not a lie. The boys are going to be a little bit intimidated by me, before adding, somewhat ominously: 'When The Bird has got his eagle eye out, no-one is safe.' No mention of the eagle eyebrows.

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