Review: Lilies on the Land, Westacre Theatre

Lillies of the Land. Photo: Westacre Theatre

Lillies of the Land. Photo: Westacre Theatre - Credit: Westacre Theatre

Charlotte Valori (@operissima) enjoys a charming look at the Second World War on the Home Front.

Unpacking their uniform boxes, new Land Girls were congratulated: 'You have made your home field your battlefield!'

Lilies on the Land offers a fast-paced flow of vignettes, anecdotes and memories harvested from verbatim accounts, voiced by a talented group of four young actors who turn their hands to a bewildering range of characters, donning and doffing different hats and accents throughout with faultless focus.

Stories of urban squeamishness at country life can get flat for a rural audience, but the spectrum of experience explored here - from the brutal to the comic, the humbling and miraculous - gradually builds into a rounded, impressive picture of the challenge Land Girls faced.

Some farmers were surly, but elsewhere hospitality, kindness and fun thrived despite adversity, thanks to American and Canadian airmen ('the best'), and their supplies.

A charming glimpse of history.

Lilies on the Land continues to March 31

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