Latitude’s Poetry Arena packed to see Simon Armitage

This poetry come prose writer who hails from the North already has a massive following and was clearly one of the highlights of not only the poetry area at the Latitude Festival but also of the festival itself.

There was not a single space left in the seating area and audiences peered in from outside of the tent to listen to Armitage's infamous comedic timings and satirical skill.

Critics continually praise his dry Yorkshire wit and it was easy to why as he read with ease both older pieces and pieces from his recent publication 'Seeing Stars'.

His easy-to-understand poems have also played a part in the GCSE literary anthologies for more than a decade so there was a massive cheer from the crowd when he read 'Kid' – a popular choice amongst the younger audiences who have studied this poem as part of their curriculm.

One of the joys of Latitude is that at you can dip in and out of the arena but this was just not the case with Armitage whose performance was captivating.

For the past three years he has performed at Latitude and although he also writes prose and plays, he was happy to make his performance all about the poetry.

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