LATITUDE PREVIEW: How to get there and top tips from festival veterans

How To Get There

By Car — Henham Park is between the A12 and A145 north of Blythburgh. From the A12 and from the A145 follow the signs. There is no access via the A145 northbound. All drop offs and pick ups (including by taxi) at Red Gate 1 on the A12. Car-sharing can be arranged through

By Rail — If travelling by train as a day ticket holder use Halesworth Station as special 'day ticket shuttle bus' services will be running. The journey costs �3.50 each way and you can buy your ticket on the bus – it will take about 20 minutes. The special day ticket holder services will meet the first 3 trains arriving at Halesworth each morning.

By Bus — The 588 runs direct from Norwich to Halesworth. The 601 service runs Great Yarmouth-Halesworth. Anglian Buses will be running special buses direct into the site from Halesworth and Diss stations. All tickets must be booked in advance at:

By Bike — There will be bike racks available on site for cyclists (with weekend tickets) accessed via Orange Gate only. Train companies have discouraged festival goers from bringing bikes as space is limited.

On Foot — Forget it, don't take your life in your hands on the country lanes.

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Tips From Latitude Veterans

t Freddy — 'Always buy a tent that stands out, because we thought we'd be the only person with a Union Jack tent, and there were loads. The amount of times we opened the wrong tent!'

t Starchild33 — 'Go halves on a cheap duvet and pillows with the person you're sharing a tent with, they make all the difference.'

t Trebormint — 'Keep you valuables on you at all times and don't bring anything more expensive than a mobile phone. Take a change of shoes and socks.'

t Terry B — 'Apart from clothes, make sure you take two things with you – wet wipes and a roll of black bags.'

t Marcia Gray — 'Forget about going back to work on Monday or Tuesday, it ain't going to happen.'

t Russy — 'Advice is to travel as light as possible and only take enough booze to last the late evenings/early mornings. Take lots of light energy bars and empty bottles to fill up with water. Don't forget toothpaste.'

t Elmo — 'We took our all terrain pushchair, and it was very useful for your child to sleep in. Take insect repellent, there were mossies last year.'

t mmmbop — 'I would recommend some ear defenders for children, we got some called Peltor Kids for our then two-year-old son, for about �20. They were also great for the evening when he had zonked out in his pushchair, we could carry on partying in the woods until 3am!'

t Geofelgie – 'Forget the showers. Big supply of wet-wipes, leave a bottle of water out in the (no doubt baking) sun to wash your hair, sorted.'

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