Latitude: Mock the Week’s James Acaster makes the day after confronting heckler face-to-face

Mike Page aerial pictures of Latitude festival in Henham Park, Suffolk. Photo : Steve Adams

Mike Page aerial pictures of Latitude festival in Henham Park, Suffolk. Photo : Steve Adams - Credit: Mike Page

Mock the Week's James Acaster had the Latitude Comedy tent in stitches with his Brexit-filled routine, but it was how he dealt with one particularly angry heckler that stole the show, writes Matt Reason.

Almost every comedian on the lineup had jokes about Brexit, but none were as good as Acaster's simply stated lines on Saturday.

A short tale about making a cup of peppermint tea on the morning of the EU Referendum (bag in or bag out?) could not be more at home than on stage at Latitude (to a tent full of flavoured tea drinkers and Vote Remainers).

But it was Acaster's top draw heckler confrontation that had the audience spitting out their Fair Trade coffee.

After ignoring angered shouts at the start, Acaster picked the heckler out from the crowd and told him to get it off his chest so he could move on.

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The heckler would not relent, prompting Acaster to march into the middle of the crowd and confront him face to face. It transpired the man had injured his foot while drunk, but quite what this had to with Acaster we will never know.

The tired and emotional heckler may have been angered by the gags at the expense of Leave voters, or he may just have drunk far too much peppermint tea.

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Whatever his reasons, Acaster's diversion from what was a fantastically written routine made the day.

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