Latitude Festival 2017: If you are wondering what to bring to the festival here are 10 must haves

This year's festival is set to attract 40,000 visitors. Picture: Victor Frankowski

This year's festival is set to attract 40,000 visitors. Picture: Victor Frankowski - Credit: Victor Frankowski

With Latitude fast approaching it may be a good idea to start packing those essentials – luckily for you we have created a list to make things a whole lot easier.

Here are 11 things you need to pack for Latitude:

1. Rain coat, wellies and umbrella: The forecast may have been predicted as dry and warm but we all know how unpredictable Suffolk's weather can be, so make sure you pack your waterproofs!

2. Tent and Sleeping bag: They may seem like obvious items to list but sometimes those are the ones that are left until last minute and never make their way into the car.

3. ID: You will need to make sure you have a form of ID with you, it could be a driving licence or a passport. For the full list of valid ID's check here.

MORE: Will Ed Sheeran make a surprise appearance at this year's festival?4. Lots of water: It is important you stay hydrated, you want to be able to enjoy every second of the festival – you won't achieve that if you are suffering from heat stroke in your tent.

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5. Swim kit: Since 2015 festival goers have been able to swim in the Henham park lake, if you want to take part in that make sure you have your kit, towels and goggles packed.

6. Wet wipes: They are always a handy thing to carry, someone has dropped something on you? Wet wipe. Need to sort your makeup out? Wet wipe. The list goes on.

MORE: How well do you know this year's line up? Take our quiz to find out7. Toiletries: Like when you are packing to go anywhere, things like shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush and toilet roll are essential.

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8. Warm/spare clothing: If it rains you are going to need extra clothes and warm clothes, make sure you are prepared. Don't let rain dampen your spirit by making you cold and wet all day.

9. Cool bag/food bag: Pack some snacks, you never know how long the queues will be at food stalls.

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10. Electronics and their chargers: Festivals are busy places and occasionally you may lose track of someone you came with, so make sure you have your phone fully charged so you can contact them. This means you will also need to bring portable chargers. Make sure you bring your camera too so you can take pictures of the acts, the picturesque scenery and your loved ones who you attend with.

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