Last night’s TV: Alan Partridge is back and better than ever with Scissored Isle

Alan Partridge played by Steve Coogan. Photo: Brian Ritchie/BBC

Alan Partridge played by Steve Coogan. Photo: Brian Ritchie/BBC - Credit: BBC

Alan Partridge returned to our television screens last night with Scissored Isle, an hour-long mockumentary in which the Norwich radio presenter tours the North meeting 'real people'.

Steve Coogan's character may have been created over 20 years ago, but Alan Partridge is as funny as ever in Scissored Isle, a one-off show which aired on Sky Atlantic last night.

Partridge, who was last seen on the second series of Mid Morning Matters, experiences a breakdown live on air and yells at a guest, calling them a 'chav', a slip-up which sparks outrage from many. Thus the radio DJ decides to leave Denton Abbey (his luxurious home) and embark on a journey of redemption around the North in attempt to overcome his bigotry.

During his tour, Alan hangs out with a gang of youths while wearing a stab resistant vest, works behind the checkout in Tesco, accidentally takes ecstasy, and gets locked overnight in a warehouse after scavenging for food with a 'freegan'.

Coogan, along with Rob and Neil Gibbons, who co-wrote and directed the show, seem to have successfully breathed new life into the iconic character and captured the attention of viewers across the country, who are now crying out on Twitter for more Partridge.

Fans include comedian Jack Whitehall, who tweeted that he thought the show was 'hilarious' and television presenter Christine Lampard, who proclaimed herself a 'die hard Alan Partridge fan' and said the Scissored Isle was 'brilliant'.

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