Kings of Leon

UEA LCR, Norwich

UEA LCR, Norwich

With their hillbilly-chic, limited gene pool and impenetrable Tennessee accents, Kings of Leon have never struggled to establish a unique identity.

But having successfully seen off accusations that they are little more than a manufactured boy-band, and despite rumours that singer Caleb had been whisked away with a throat infection - the deep south's answer to Busted - all but one of the three Followill brothers and their cousin have de-bearded in an attempt to shed the image of yore.

Thankfully their music has lost none of its immediacy and at the UEA last night they proved themselves to still be one of the best rock bands touring.

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It is difficult for the foursome to appear without a predictable rummage through their back catalogue. And as a result it was no surprise when old favourites such as Molly's Chambers and Wasted Time acted as the catalyst for pints to be launched skywards as the crowd got all hot and bothered.

Kings of Leon have never been ones for fancy stage dressing or extravagant gestures but it is difficult not to admire the frenetic pace they maintain as they whirl through their sleazy riffs.

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And some of the more recent tracks taken from Aha Shake Heartbreak serve as a reminder that they are the natural successor to the Exile-era Rolling Stones.

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