Jarrold - a long history of book-selling

Books have been at the heart of the Jarrold business since its earliest days.

Books have been at the heart of the Jarrold business since its earliest days. It may no longer print them but it has a thriving book department within the department store in London Street, Norwich, and runs regular literary lunches.

Caroline Jarrold, the company's community affairs adviser, will sit on the panel of three judges that chooses the East Anglian Book of the Year from the seven category winners. She said: 'Books have been an important part of the Jarrold business since the early 19th century, and despite all the developments in online and tablet readers, still remain an important part of the business today.

'As a such a long-established local business, Jarrold is always keen to promote the best creative activities in East Anglia and the awards are a great opportunity to raise awareness of the wealth of literary talent in the area as well as often highlighting under recognized places and historical facets of the area. I'm very glad to be involved in the East Anglian Book Awards again. As awareness of the awards has grown, the quality of the entries has become ever more interesting and I am really looking forward to seeing what is put forward this year.'

The Jarrold family began commercial printing in 1810. In 1823 John Jarrold II and his eldest son, John James Jarrold, opened a printing, publishing and bookselling business in London Street.

In 2007 Jarrold Publishing was sold but Jarrold retains its literary association by being one of the region's leading independent booksellers and collaborating on the EDP-Jarrold East Anglian Book Awards, which celebrate our region's ongoing literary culture.

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