Review: James Acaster at Norwich Playhouse

James Acaster who appeared at Norwich Playhouse. Photo: Submitted

James Acaster who appeared at Norwich Playhouse. Photo: Submitted - Credit: Archant

Whilst this may have been a 'book tour' - much to the surprise of most of the audience - James Acaster's gig at Norwich Playhouse on Saturday (November 25) felt anything but bookish.

The stand-up comedian and BBC Mock the Week regular started the evening by informing us all that this was a book tour. And he was going to be reading from his new book.

Whilst this may have evoked fear in those who had paid to see a comedy show, the book reading was a far-cry from the stale bookshop readings we usually associate with such a phrase.

Mr Acaster was utterly hilarious. The disdain for his Norwich audience was apparent, yet that only seemed to add to the light-hearted feel of the gig. Perhaps we secretly hated ourselves too.

After he returned from the second-half he admitted he had not enjoyed the first, as much of the audience didn't quite get his go-to 'parrot soup' story. (Rest assured James, I did).

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However, rather than awkwardly ignore the fact this audience were not his usual fancy, he soldiered on, continued to poke fun at us and took an even more laid-back approach to the evening.

'I'm just going to read stories I like now, because I have no idea what you'll find funny,' he admitted.

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After both halves he opened up the floor for a Q&A which the audience participated in well and was a lot more chatty than certain comedian Q&A's I've seen.

He was unscripted, shameless and didn't seem to care whether or not we liked him/found him funny.

An effortless comedian who has truly found his voice.

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