Norwich to host social experiment ‘murder trial live’

A mock murder trial which aims to put the robustness of the UK’s judicial system to the test is heading to Norwich.

The event, which will take place in Norwich on Friday, September 13 at the Holiday Inn on North Cromer Road, is inviting 'jurors' to decide the outcome of a live fictional murder trial.

On trial is the character of Mr Frank Lane who is accused of murdering his wife Alison Lane on March 25 2017, however, no body has been found.

The experiment has been produced by leading barristers and the ITAE Group, who featured on BBC's Dragon's Den last year, and was designed with the aim of testing the robustness of the UK jury system by considering the outcome at 40 replicated experiments all over the UK each with a different jury.

The trial will include live actors as prosecution, defense and witnesses and the jury must make up their minds about whether the accused is innocent or guilty.

Executive Producer Samuel Piri said, "There's a real current appetite for crime and justice programmes at the moment and we wanted to test how fit for purpose our justice system is in this modern age.

"The fascinating thing about this experiment is that the same trial and evidence could produce different verdicts in different locations - it's fascinating."

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Following the trial, and a sit down dinner, guests will deliberate at their table before giving a verdict.

Tickets cost £55 and are available from

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