Insomnobabble - Big Wow

Norwich Playhouse

Norwich Playhouse

A man wakes up one morning and finds that he has not woken up (or has he?) He is still in the dream (or is he?). That just about sums up the plot of this insane hour and a bit of mime; physical comedy, nonsense words and flexible faces.

Insomnobabble is the brainchild of Liverpool-based company Big Wow.

And it's strongly reminiscent of that slick, accomplished show created by UEA star Joseph Alford in his Three Dark Tales for Theatre O: a hit at the Barbican a few years back. But this was a step or two more slapstick.

And the chief source of the delightful knockabout was the sheer number of characters incarnated by Tim Lynskey as he brought to life each of the dreamer's nightmare visions. He seamlessly morphed into so many supporting roles, I simply lost count. The boy is a walking vignette. There were no costumes, hats or lights to help things along, a twist, a turn or a shudder sufficed to introduce each new person and the audience was carried effortlessly along.

But Lynskey's coup de theatre came when two characters he was playing decided to have a fight... with one another!

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As the only set was a swivelling flat to bring us bedroom, office or doctor's surgery, the full responsibility fell on the two showmen. And they did not disappoint.


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