Hospital art is therapy for the mind

The New Creative Hospital Multimedia Show @ Norfolk and Norwich Hospital

The New Creative Hospital Multimedia Show @ Norfolk and Norwich Hospital


The very presence of accomplished art in the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital signifies a major development, seeing a hospital as a place to be physically helped but mentally enriched. Art is no longer sidelined as therapeutic decorations.

Easy access to art materials on wards can only enhance our sense of value, feeling marginalised is a thing of the past.

Emma Jarvis and David Wraight, helped by fund-raising projects and aid from businesses, have exhibited fine art from painting and print- making to sculptures.

Ceramics by June Arnison would sit with pride in the Sainsbury collection.

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Scott Reddings' post-apocalyptic “Sunflower” will greet you with a smile. In the grand entrance hall, Emma, who used to sing with Ruby Flipper would welcome audio stimulation. Meanwhile, Ann-Marie Ryan's screenprints will dazzle your rods and cones.

Peer closely at Kevin Ryan's layered landscapes. Look closely at Fire and Rain, New Forest, you may wipe your brow.

Alex Johanson's large bird studies bring vitality and as you tour the corridors, Jeremy Crisp's immaculate screenprints will invite meditation. And June Arnison's ceramic jewellery, bottle forms and teapot stands are mightily entertaining and affordable.

t The exhibition continues until May 2

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