Guildhall Strings

ALISON CROOSE King's Lynn Festival: St Margaret's Church, King's Lynn


An overtly popular programme from this leading ensembles brought great pleasure to a large audience.

Guildhall Strings are immediately attractive because of their musical rapport, and because their individual approach is free from traditional orchestral seating. Their style helps create freedom of communication among the players and has strong visual impact. Familiarity with the works did not diminish their freshness and appeal when in the hands of these highly talented musicians.

From the opening, Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No 3, the 12 players demonstrated their cohesion with much eye contact and infectious enthusiasm.

Their highly polished performances of Pachelbel's Canon and Gigue, a Mozart Divertimento and a Rossini String Sonata demonstrated why they are such a popular and acclaimed ensemble.

The second half was devoted to Vivaldi's Four Seasons, which some may dismiss as a classical lollipop.

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But the colourful descriptions took on a new potency and dynamism in the hands of musicians so masterfully led by Robert Salter.