Goldie Lookin' Chain

UEA LCR, Norwich

UEA LCR, Norwich

Goldie Lookin' Chain are five years old, enjoying mainstream success since 2004's Greatest Hits album.

This is longer than any comedy rap act from Wales has any right to last, but during their breathless set at the LCR last night they proved why they refuse to leave the charts in peace.

Throughout the evening GLC were indeed proper rappers, albeit hyperactive ones - the poppy samples and melodies shoved to the background, leaving just eight Welsh blokes shouting over a pounding beat.

Making it all work was the strength of the lyrics. Their biggest hit, Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do sounded as fresh as its first release, and was one of the highlights.

The group's carefree attitude to fame was summed up in their mock reverence of Maggot “he's been on Channel 4 you know” - it may be uncool, but they're just happy he's been on TV.