Gig of the Weekend: Lapalux

Lapalux (Credit: Meg Sharp 2013)

Lapalux (Credit: Meg Sharp 2013) - Credit: Archant

For this week's Gig of the Weekend I highlight Lapalux's upcoming performance at the Norwich Arts Centre, Saturday night from 8.30pm

Gig of the Weekend is a weekly guide to top gigs in and around Norwich. We want to hear what gigs you're looking forward to and any tips you would give to rookie gig-goers. If you have any top tips please leave it in the comment section below.

Lapalux, AKA 25-year-old Stuart Howard, a music producer originally from Essex. Still seen as a startling is already making massive waves in the music industry. To this day he remains the only British artist to be part of the LA music label Brainfeeder. His first album 'Nostalchic' set to be released at the end of March is currently getting much deserved hype and high reviews from sites such as BBC music and The which gave the album 4 out of 5 saying;

'Nostalchic is the definitive stage in the development of Lapalux from experimental beatsmith to full-fledged musical visionary. Borrowing from chillwave, ethereal R&B and electronic shoegaze, but always adding his own mysterious, sometimes indecipherable production flourishes, he delivers a strong, incredibly varied album that is utterly unique.'

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Lapalux is currently going through a huge worldwide tour which kicked off in Russia at the start of March and runs through until August when he plays in Lithuania's Satta Outside Festival. He makes his stop at Norwich on the 16th March at the Norwich Arts Centre which promises to be a very special performance. Check out the music video to the new track from his first LP 'Without you (Ft. Kerry Leatham)' (Out 25th March).


Tickets are still available and can be brought here: or at the door on the night.

You can also check out Lapalux's official website with more news from Stuart or details on the tour:

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