Getting ready for special Norwich Olympic torch show

Dancers, gymnasts and martial arts performers came together for their first rehearsal yesterday ahead of Norwich's Olympic torch show this summer.

The Pulse, organised by The Garage and NORCA, will bring together about 30 people to show off their musical talents and physical skills and welcome the Olympic flame to the city.

Following a series of X-Factor style auditions and bootcamps, organisers have just six weeks to come up with a performance which will provide the only locally-created element of the celebrations in July.

The team is led by Drayton-born dancer and choreographer Aaron Sillis, who has worked with the likes of Take That and Kylie Minogue.

Yesterday, the creative director said: 'We just want an epic Olympic piece that shows today's talent.

'We're trying to bring out the best in these performers.

'We've got gymnasts, poppers, lockers, breakers, commercial girls, hip hop, contemporary and even karate.'

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Next week, the physical performers will get together with the musicians for the first time and begin to put their moves to music.

During the rehearsal at The Garage gymnast Laura Cooke, 11, of Thorpe End, near Norwich, said her group had been asked to come up with a routine which ended with them forming '2012' with their bodies. She added: 'It's really fun. It's really nice to meet other people and enjoy their dancing as well.'

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