Norfolk couple on a mission to revive the ice cream van

Reesey's Ice Cream van Downham Market Norfolk

Emma and Wayne Rees have been serving ice creams from their van since June this year - Credit: Luis Holden

Their jingle was a familiar sound of many childhoods - but have you bought from an ice cream van lately?

The number of ice cream vans on the nation's roads have declined in recent decades, turning a once common sight during the British summer holidays into a rarity.

A married couple from Norfolk hope to change this, and are determined to bring the joy of ice cream to as many people as possible.

Reesey's ice cream van from Downham Market, west Norfolk

The Reesey's van has been on the road since June this year, and has travelled across Norfolk and is available for weddings, corporate events, festivals and other events - Credit: Reesey's

Reesey's ice cream van was set up earlier this year by Emma and Wayne Rees, both 30. 

But these are not your average soft-serve ice creams.

Reesey's Ice cream van from Downham Market Norfolk

The 'Orange One' from the Reesey's menu, featuring chocolate orange pieces, crushed orange Aero and Oreo cookies and Terry's chocolate orange - Credit: Reesey's

Mrs Rees, from Downham Market, said: "We wanted to bring back the ice cream van in a way that's fun and different. From the van to the ice cream, we wanted to put a modern twist on something traditional.

"We live in a small, very quiet community and we wanted to do something that would bring everyone together.

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"As we already run a frozen food business we have space for storage, so it seemed like a great idea to set up Reesey's Ice Cream."

Reesey's ice cream van from Downham Market Norfolk

The van was designed by Emma Rees herself, who wanted to combine the traditional feel of an ice cream van with modern flair - Credit: Reesey's

The couple were open for business in June this year, and their brightly decorated van and artistically decorated ice creams have been going down a treat with customers. 

"We've been blown away by the response already from both adults and children. We want everyone to find something they'd like so we also cater for gluten-free and vegan diets and we hope to keep expanding our range."

Reesey's ice cream van Downham Market Norfolk

A Halloween special from Reesey's using chocolate Halloween shapes and a surprise treat in every cup - Credit: Reesey's

Their ice creams are served with a wide range of toppings, such as bubblegum sauce, sticky ginger cake and even candy floss. 

Reesey's ice cream van started by couple from Downham Market Norfolk

An ice cream cone from Reesey's topped with all sorts of chocolatey goodness - Credit: Reesey's

Despite having three children, including an eight-month-old, the couple are keen to keep expanding the business.

"In January, we'll have our second van ready, and plan to serve hot desserts, drinks, the whole works. 

"We hope to keep building our fleet and visit more and more locations. Also, we want to keep on being creative with our products, both in terms of flavours and visually."

Reesey's ice cream van Halloween special Downham Market Norfolk

Reesey's ice cream van will be at Worzal's Pumpkin Patch in nearby Cambridge on October 30-31. - Credit: Reesey's

The Reesey's van will next be serving in Norfolk at Dersingham Village Hall on November 3.

You can keep up-to-date with where it will visit next here.