Being a self-confessed lover of cheese, it made absolute sense to me to check out north Norfolk’s perfect little eatery created in homage to the humble food group.

Fizz and Fromage, based in Hoveton near Wroxham, opened back in November and has quickly earned a reputation for being a cheese lovers' paradise.

Eastern Daily Press: Fizz & Fromage drinksFizz & Fromage drinks (Image: DONNA-LOUISE BISHOP)

From fondue to grilled cheese sandwiches, it is easy to see why this restaurant has been making the tastebuds of hundreds of diners melt with its mouth-watering menu.

And while it may be based in a unit on the Station Road Business Park, do not be fooled by this slightly unusual location choice.

The restaurant has been kitted out in an eye-catching yellow made even more vibrant with the lighting. Inside is chic. I don’t know who was more excited, me or Mr W.

Our orders were taken, including our choice of drinks (a rose prosecco at £7 and a bottle of Peroni at £4.20) and we waited like excited school children.

Eastern Daily Press: A caviar and crème fraiche appetizerA caviar and crème fraiche appetizer (Image: DONNA-LOUISE BISHOP)

We opted for an extra appetizer of caviar blinis with crème Fraiche (£8) which was a delightful start to our meal and warmed up the tastebuds for the main event to come.

This was followed by our starters of whipped goats' cheese and crispy pancetta, chosen by me, and a blue cheese and shallot marmalade tart. I’m a massive fan of whipped goats' cheese anyway, so this starter was as delightful as expected – soft and creamy with a flavoursome smokiness due to the meat – while my other half tried to eat his slice of tart as slowly as possible, savouring each mouthful. Again, it was full of flavour with the cheese taking on both a beautiful texture and taste mixed with the other ingredients.

Eastern Daily Press: A delicious blue cheese tartA delicious blue cheese tart (Image: DONNA-LOUISE BISHOP)

Eastern Daily Press: Creamy whipped goat's cheese with crispy baconCreamy whipped goat's cheese with crispy bacon (Image: DONNA-LOUISE BISHOP)

Next was the eatery’s famous cheese fondue with all the trimmings (usually £17.50pp) and it’s easy to see why it has quickly gained a reputation. Served with knobbly Pink Fir potatoes, Dollie’s sourdough (note, we had two servings of it), smoked local ham, cornichons, cocktail onions and cherry tomatoes, we had plenty of nibbles to dunk into the rich Gouda, Comte and Raclette fondue. At that moment, we both died and went to cheese heaven.

As a quirky extra, the first person to lose a piece in the fondue has to kiss everyone, while the second has to buy a round of drinks. At this point, I will say that I was glad of my lip balm but not my resulting bank balance.

Eastern Daily Press: Delicious cheese fondue with all the trimmingsDelicious cheese fondue with all the trimmings (Image: DONNA-LOUISE BISHOP)

Eastern Daily Press: Cheese-dipping heavenCheese-dipping heaven (Image: DONNA-LOUISE BISHOP)

Eastern Daily Press: Cheese-dipping heavenCheese-dipping heaven (Image: DONNA-LOUISE BISHOP)

You would have thought that we may have been a bit fondued-out after that, but no. Because we were eating on a special set menu evening, we opted for the restaurant's not so famous but totally delicious chocolate fondue with strawberries, brownies and bananas.

Eastern Daily Press: Chocolate fondue with all the trimmingsChocolate fondue with all the trimmings (Image: DONNA-LOUISE BISHOP)

Eastern Daily Press: Chocolate fondue with all the trimmingsChocolate fondue with all the trimmings (Image: DONNA-LOUISE BISHOP)

Who knew that so much food-dunking could create so much happiness? In a nutshell – or should that be a brie rind? - this place is fun to eat at as its menu is delicious. Not to be missed for all of you fellow cheese-lovers out there.


It may seem rather strange to have such a niche little eatery on the outskirts of a village’s small industrial estate but do not let that put you off. The vibrant colours make the place stand out from the roadside with a welcoming exterior and a chic and modern restaurant inside. It is spacious and sleek with oodles of ambience for every diner.


We enjoyed a three-course set menu with added appetizers, a glass of sparkly, wine, and a couple of Peronis, all coming in at £83.50. We were stuffed to the gills and content with our happy bellies. Considering the quality of the ingredients too, I’d say this was pretty great value for money.


As well as an extensive wine and beer list, there is also a small selection of cocktails at £9.50 each. All beverages come with recommended cheese pairing suggestions too which is most helpful.


Fully functional and as you would expect.


There is plenty of space and the floors are nice and level, as well as being easy to manoeuvre around. There is also a small car park outside.


The staff were pleasant and accommodating, smiling throughout our meal and making sure we had everything we needed. They also explained the dishes to us and were knowledgeable about the ingredients.


Fondue. Fondue. Fondue. I honestly can’t think of a better meal to enjoy with some good company in this lovely setting.

In summary

You may need to start saving those pennies now as this place is worth multiple repeat visits to work your way through the menu. I’ve never seen so much cheese on just one menu in my life! Although with a name like Fizz & Fromage, it is more than fair to say it lived up to some very high expectations.

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Did you know...?

Fizz and Fromage offers a range of cheeses, wines and beers, and is the brainchild of Tim and Heather Ridley, from Ashmanhaugh, who also run the Station Smokehouse at Hoveton and Wroxham Station.

The couple took on the unit in the business park at the beginning of August 2021.

The menu features a range of cheese tapas pairing plates, with 25 varieties on offer, and it includes Hereford Hop with onion and ale chutney and more unusual pairings such as stilton and a dark chocolate brownie.

There are hot dishes such as pecorino and black truffle spaghetti and a cheese fondue with sourdough from Dollies Bakery, which recently relocated from Coltishall to the business park.

There is also a range of grilled cheese sandwiches, including a truffled croque madame, with three cheeses and coppa ham topped with a fried egg and grated truffle.

Fizz and Fromage is open Tuesday to Saturday 12pm until 9pm - call 01603 927171 to book and visit


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