‘I was nibbling on leftovers all night’ - Why this steakhouse food is a winner even from the sofa

The Fox Steakhouse in Hevingham. Picture: THE FOX

The Fox Steakhouse in Hevingham. Picture: THE FOX - Credit: Archant

It’s been more than three months since reporter Donna-Louise Bishop stepped foot inside a restaurant. So, as one of the final customers to eat at The Fox Steakhouse in Hevingham before it closed its doors to the public, she decided it was time to make a return visit to check out its new take-away offerings.

The Fox Steakhouse in Hevingham. Picture: THE FOX

The Fox Steakhouse in Hevingham. Picture: THE FOX - Credit: Archant

Three months ago, owners of pubs and restaurants across the country held their breath as they waited to be told they would have to close their doors.

At the time no one knew how long the government’s decision would last but during the weeks which have followed since the action was taken, many eateries have had to adapt to what is being dubbed ‘the new normal’.

During the week of Boris Johnson making that announcement, I had already booked a table for two at The Fox Steakhouse in Hevingham, between Aylsham and Norwich. We had been looking forward to our meal there as its reputation had spread far and wide, and also its menu was something to behold.

In short, the review which I would have written following that visit would have been: Outstanding food cooked and presented to a high standard, served by lovely and welcoming staff who were on hand to help throughout our meal, all inside the beautiful setting of a cosy, pretty pub just off the A140, Cromer Road.

The Fox Steakhouse in Hevingham. Picture: THE FOX

The Fox Steakhouse in Hevingham. Picture: THE FOX - Credit: Archant

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When I was unable to share those positive nuggets of information, I was disappointed for the team at The Fox, who were more than deserving of those words.

So, fast forward three months on, you can image my delight when I found out the restaurant was now in a position to start offering a take-away service - but would it live up to the expectations following on from that original meal?

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Folks, I was willing to try.

Everything we needed to order was set out clearly via the website. My partner was quick to visit the Facebook page during the week, and we pre-ordered our meal and paid for it with ease.

The Fox Steakhouse in Hevingham. Picture: THE FOX

The Fox Steakhouse in Hevingham. Picture: THE FOX - Credit: Archant

After a late-night walk along Mundesley beach, we had built up an appetite and made our way out to Hevingham to collect our food at 7pm on the Friday evening.

The car park is spacious, so that certainly helped with any concerns or qualms about social distancing, and we made our way to the back of the building where we were greeted with more clear instructions and asked to wait for our order outside on the patio.

Despite the fact we were a few minutes late, our meal was beautifully packaged up and was hot and ready to go, and the woman who served us continued with the same attentiveness she had given us the night of our first meal there.

This is a place which has perfected this service in an unprecedented situation and has turned it around in a short timescale.

The Fox Steakhouse in Hevingham. Picture: THE FOX

The Fox Steakhouse in Hevingham. Picture: THE FOX - Credit: Archant

By the time we made it home after a quick 10-minute drive, we were starving from the delicious smell emulating from the bag and I’m not ashamed to say plates went flying as we prepped the table for our dinner.

We’d opted for The Fox Smoked Tasting Board (for two to share at £30), which is the same main we picked back in March, and it felt like Christmas morning as we unpacked our meal: Slow smoked barbecue ribs, chicken thighs, pulled pork, Cumberland sausages, beef short ribs, flat breads, corn on the cob, asparagus, coleslaw, skin on fries and a (huge) side of gravy.

I don’t remember there being much conversation between myself and my partner during the next 20 minutes or so.

The ribs just fell off the bone and had a delicious, earthy smoked flavour to them, while the pulled pork complimented it perfectly with a sweeter barbecue taste. The chicken was flavoursome and I really enjoyed the meaty texture of the sausages - although different to what we’d eaten in.

The side additions complimented the dish perfectly and it was fun to mix and match the various items.

For meat-loving fans, this is the meal for you. There was more than plenty to go round - I was nibbling on leftovers well into the late evening hours - and everything tasted divine.

A further surprise was that we both thoroughly enjoyed eating from the comfort of our home that evening. Quality food but without the need to get all fancy or bothering with my hair and make-up. After all, I’ve grown rather accustomed to my lockdown look.


If you take a look at that list of meat again, I think you’ll agree with me that £30 for that huge platter is a bargain for the price as you are absolutely swamped with food. The menu also included burgers, from £7, and many other meals are around the £10 mark. You can even get a kid’s box meal from £5.50. It’s a menu with something for everyone.


The food, the food and the food - but if I have to pick one thing specifically, it has to be the beef short ribs. They were sublime. This is the place for foodies to go and enjoy well thought-out dishes cooked to perfection.


The staff were amazing when we were able to sit in the restaurant, and continued to be amazing even in these challenging times. I can’t wait for the doors to reopen again to enjoy a drink at the bar and another meal or two once again.

In summary

Head to Facebook or pick up the phone and get your order in now - you won’t be disappointed.

The Fox can be found on Cromer Road in Hevingham.

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