Fatal Encounter

Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

> Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

This modern version of Francis Durbridge's Fatal Encounter has more twists and turns to the plot than TV's Midsomer Murders.

Skilful director by Bruce James and effective casting meant that this mystery truly kept us guessing. Howard (Benjamin Roddy) a well-known book publisher is concerned for his wife Joanna (Jacqueline Roberts). Since returning from the country she has become unusually distressed, nervous and mysterious. The action takes a sinister turn when Howard arrives home to find a former friend, Perry (Aaron Bixley) has been shot by Joanna.

She admits Perry has been blackmailing her. When Perry dies, Howard confesses to the shooting to protect his wife and finds himself the centre of a complex investigation with a surprising twist.

I had to smile when Howard rang his bank manager and actually spoke to him and not someone in Calcutta.

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