Fat Cat Comedy Club



Fat Cat Comedy Club, Bury Festival

Three headline acts appeared last night at the well-known Fat Cat Comedy Club.

Bury St Edmunds' once monthly gathering has come to expect high-calibre acts - and it was not disappointed.

More commonly heard on Radio 4's the Know Show, Mitch Benn Parodies of Modern Music are pure magic, cleverly put together without a note out of place.

He kicked off with an interesting song about a rubber woman and went into his hatred of James Blunt.

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His dialogue inbetween was witty, ranging from topics such as Ebay and his voluminous leather trousers.

David Johns is probably the most relaxed man ever seen on stage.

His excellent visual humour had the audience giggling.

He relied mainly on the crowd for inspiration and, despite a couple of lulls, his natural stage presence lifted the mood.

There was nothing fluffy about Ninia Benjamin.

Her frank and “no prisoners” style made the Bury audience squirm, although cheeky Benjamin struggled with what was quite a tough crowd which was not quite ready for her strong language.

She managed to lift herself out of it to get the room laughing when she left.

The whole event was compered deftly by Alex Horne who has a frenetic style and some fantastic one-liner's, and managed to have a bit of fun with sound.

Isabel Cockayne