‘You only do it once - it really hurts’ - Ed Balls tasered on camera for BBC series

Ed Balls wrestled in the first episode of this series in America last week Picture: Expectation Ent

Ed Balls wrestled in the first episode of this series in America last week Picture: Expectation Entertainment Ltd - Photographer: Screengrab - Credit: BBC/Expectation Entertainment Ltd

Being chairman of Norwich City has been painful at times for Ed Balls as his team were relegated from the Premier League, just five months after he was appointed in 2015.

The former shadow chancellor experienced an altogether different form of pain this week as he was tasered on camera.

Mr Balls uploaded a video of the stunt on his Twitter page as part of his role in the BBC Two documentary series, Travels in Trumpland With Ed Balls.

The series sees Mr Balls travel to America's Deep South to walk in the footsteps of those who voted for Donald Trump in order to see how the President won them over.

He said: 'Every police officer recruit in Louisiana has to be tasered - it's called 'joining the five second club'.


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'You only do it once-it really hurts.'

Social media users reacted to the taser incident with a mixture of respect and shock.

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Jonathan Armstrong said: 'Ed Balls, that looked painful! That took guts in the name of TV!'

'Ed Balls in Trumpland is really good. He's not a natural presenter, and that works - you feel like you're coming along with him, rather than being shown things by him. And, crucially, he listens to people,' said David Whitley on Twitter.

Will Holmes said: 'Travels in Trumpalnd is so good because it's the first time in a long time I've seen someone spend time with people they don't agree with, trying to understand them, but also challenging them. What a loss to politics Ed Balls is.'

Elsewhere on social media, Nick Brelsin said: 'Can't believe how good Ed Balls and Trumpland are. Excellent, considered TV, Balls is very natural and watchable. Plus Ed getting tasered was fun.'

The lifelong Canaries fan was appointed Chairman of the club in December 2015 after serving as shadow chancellor from January 2011 to May 2015.

The third and final episode of Travels in Trumpland With Ed Balls will be screened on BBC Two this Sunday at 9pm.

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