Double role in assured Godot

Waiting for Godot @ UEA Drama Studio, Norwich

Waiting for Godot @ UEA Drama Studio, Norwich


There is something just right about the fact that David Gwyn Harris should both direct this very assured Loose Cannon production of Samuel Beckett's metaphysical comedy and also take the leading part of Vladimir.

Knowing for sure that there was a controlling intellect out there regulating the action – well, to be honest, the inaction – would rob the play of half its meaning.

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For involvement is everything; togetherness is essential, just as doubt is proof of consciousness that cannot get to sleep without nightmares or take refuge in the certainties that were the opiates of former ages. But hope won't be denied, nor will humour, whether it's the luck of the Irish or glorious echoes of the Goon Show, with even a hint of operatic tenor in a lullaby.

The scene is bleak, the ground stony, the trees that is leafless at the start is none too prosperous later on – so much for spring these modern days! – and boots are muddy, smelly and unyielding to tender feet.

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There is no lack of void, as one character says, but David Reeves, Vince Hadley and Henry Layte fill the empty spaces of despair making very human caricatures out of what might just be personified abstractions.

t There will be three more performances from Thursday May 10 to Saturday May 12 at the Norwich Playhouse.

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