Doctor What and the Return of the Garlics

CAROLINE CULOT Norwich Theatre Royal


Norwich Theatre Royal

No sign of David Tennant or the Daleks but Barry and Paul Chuckle and the Garlics in this comedy caper.

Last year, the Chuckle Brothers brought their sell-out Pirates show to the Theatre Royal and this year the production is based on the current success, Dr Who.

The comic pair make a spectacular entrance in a full- sized Tardis and then follows a plot to pretend to be Dr What and Professor Who (leading to all kinds of who/ what gags) to foil the evil Mister Mister and the Garlics - daleks with garlic heads.

The show has all the usual slapstick gags including a cooking scene, in which the Chuckles try to make dinner inside the Tardis which ends in lots of broken plates and custard pie cream.

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Breaking up the comic scenes there are also some great trampoline stunts from the Acromaniacs.

They say the old gags are the best and what the Chuckle Brothers continue to do is entertain with new and old material which is always good, clean fun.

Also to their credit, just like last year, during the Chuckles' only break between two exhausting shows, they spend all their time in the foyer signing programmes - and there are not many celebs who will do that. Great fun, topical theme and lots of chuckles.

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