Dick Turpin

KEITH CUTLER Stalham High School


As a deflection from the traditional fairytale, the hero of this pantomime, written by Paul Reakes with several added local jokes, is a notorious highwayman, who historically was hanged, aged 36.

In this version, Dick (Elly Perrott), who has all the physical attributes of a principal boy, forswears highway robbery, having won the hand of the attractive Lady Caroline (Ruth Sandell), daughter of Lord Lotaloot (Ron McKee), one of Dick's victims.

The action centres around the farm of Dame Dollop (Neil Kittle), an outstanding dame wearing outrageous dresses and ghastly make-up, and Lotaloot Hall's garden, cellar and bedroom – the hilarious scene of a prolonged chase, one of the highlights.

Much depends on the skilful playing of Anna Sandell, as Katie Cuddlesome, and Andrew Kittle, as lovelorn Billy Bumpkin, hopelessly seeking her unrequited affection.

Acting honours go to Pam Burley, an established member of Stalham Players, who as the elderly inane Parson Goodfellow transpires to be less inane than he seems.

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Supporting roles include comic constables Nick (Kate Rayner) and Nab (James Harvey), Judge Mildew (Roy Lawrence), robbers Smash (Sue Bumstead) and Grab (Erica White) and a delightful Daisy the Cow (Lisa Hendrick and Geanette White).

This interesting production is directed by Lisa Hendrick, with choreography by Andrew Kittle.

The show is repeated on Friday and Saturday, February 6-7, and has much to commend it.

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