Beachgoers flock to the coast as temperatures soar

lowestoft beach

Beachgoers catch some rays at Lowestoft beach as temperatures hit a sweltering 28C on the Suffolk coast. - Credit: Victoria Pertusa

Locals and tourists alike flocked to the coast this afternoon as temperatures hit a sweltering 28C.

People were enjoying sunbathing on the golden sands of Lowestoft beach, catching a bite to eat at the chippy on the seafront and splashing around in the sea in what has been one of the hottest weekends of this year so far.

lowestoft beach

Temperatures hit 28C in Lowestoft today meaning it was officially a mini heatwave. - Credit: Victoria Pertusa

A heatwave is officially declared once temperatures hit 27C in the east of England over a three-day period.

Our local beaches are expected to remain busy into this week as temperatures are set to stay high with high pressure the dominant force into much of this week.

lowestoft beach

The sunny weather is expected to continue into next week. - Credit: Victoria Pertusa

This coincides with the start of the summer holidays and July 19 'freedom day' where many Covid restrictions will be relaxed.

The summer trade will come as welcome relief to many local businesses in the town, which have been struggling because of the pandemic and recent spells of bad weather in the region.

lowestoft beach

Tourists and locals made the most of the warm sunshine by paddling and swimming in the sea. - Credit: Victoria Pertusa

lowestoft beach

Beachgoers chill out on Lowestoft beach. - Credit: Victoria Pertusa