Daniel Kitson

Norwich Arts Centre

With his wild hair, seen better days beard and dodgy clothes, Daniel Kitson is certainly a refreshing change to the majority of comics doing the rounds at present. For a start, there's no political hectoring, no laddism and no ultra glossy feel to his act.

Indeed, last night the audience played agony aunt as we heard of the latest upheavals in his love life as his Aussie girlfriend of two years, Pru, had given him the elbow.

Always one to seize an opportunity and with that innate ability to read a room and manoeuvre his act accordingly, Kitson is basically a very clever comic. His natural ease, his ability to shift between self-deprecation and thrusting arrogance gives bite to his show and his timing never fails.

If he wasn't lamenting his lost love, he was having a go at the system, those everyday things that grate whether it's no late trains out of Norwich or simply some anecdote about the unfairness of life.

When a heckler started in the second half, Kitson let rip and also reckoned that he really only wants a small but perfect audience of 12! Popularity is clearly not an issue for him.

Support came from former UEA student Gavin Osborn, a young singer songwriter with a good turn of phrase as his lyrics discussed the fat kid at school and high jinx in the local rec.

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Next stop for Kitson is Edinburgh where this master storyteller is sure to make the headlines.