‘Some of the biscuits are prelicked’ - How much would you pay for found notes like these?

Pop Up Norwich on Castle Meadow. Insert: Daisy Bentley finds and collects notes to display in art ex

Pop Up Norwich on Castle Meadow. Insert: Daisy Bentley finds and collects notes to display in art exhibitions. Picture: Bethany Whymark/Daisy Bentley - Credit: Bethany Whymark/Daisy Bentley

The debate of 'what is art?' and how much people should pay for it has raged since before Michelangelo first brandished a paintbrush.

And now an unusual art exhibition coming to Norwich is letting people settle part of that debate - by allowing them to pay what they want for the work on show.

The exhibition features a range of 'found art', including notes which range from love letters to cryptic messages about "prelicked biscuits", and has already been displayed at exhibitions in Shoreditch and Hackney Wick.

Curator, Daisy Bentley, said the reception of the project - named Found Notes - has been positive so far.

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The 27-year-old Graphic Design graduate, who has collected over 1,000 notes, said: "Art is a funny concept and I guess nobody would necessarily see these as art, but to me they are, so I chose to photograph them and place them in a gallery context.

"I've had some really good feedback and friends compared it to 'people-watching', which I thought was very interesting.

"People enjoy having an insight into someone's life or day, especially when they know nothing about them."

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Modern art has often split opinion in the city, with works by the likes of Damien Hirst drawing praise from some quarters, and bemusement from others.

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But Miss Bentley is proposing a 'pay what you feel' approach to the notes she has collected for the exhibition, which were found mostly in London and Norwich.

This means visitors to the exhibition can make an offer on notes based on how much they feel they are worth.

She continued: "I feel that there will have to be an element of negotiation if somebody offers 5p for a piece, but I do think it's very important that anybody can afford one.

"If somebody says to me that they really like a piece and they can only afford a certain amount, then they will be able to buy it for that.

"I understand how much work goes into art, but I also get frustrated that many people are instantly priced out when going to a gallery.

"So far I haven't had much feedback from the pay-as-you-feel concept, but there's only one way to find out if it works."

The exhibition, which will be hosted at PopUp Norwich in the former Maplins building on Castle Meadow, will open on Monday, June 3, at 10.30am and will be open from 9.30am-5.30pm everyday until Saturday, June 8.

There will also be a private viewing on Thursday, June 6 from 5.30pm-6.30pm.

It is free to drop in and view the exhibition.

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