Norwich Arts Centre

It was a fitting end to the two-date mini tour of the region as Norwich band Cord signed off for their fans before heading off to record their first album.

And the evidence from this performance was that the album should be a resounding success.

As with the gig at Oulton Broad's Old Brewery on Saturday, this was a performance with heart and musical flair but also a sense of humility.

Between the driving passion of Stay With Me Now and the lyrical depth of The Greater Part, was a boundless energy that justified the loud applause.

Songwriter James Leeds' instrument changes did not interrupt the flow, while Mike Jackson's creativity on lead guitar was a clear indication of why so many labels were vying to win over the four-piece before they eventually signed to Island Records in February.

The set led off on a resounding and assured start with Why I Want It and Sea of Trouble. But it was the more melodic Easier to Sleep and Give Me Today that really played to the band's strengths, drawing on fretboard acrobatics and ear-catching syncopation.

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With the venue sold out, there was a great atmosphere.

And thanks to the warm support of their home-town crowd, Cord should be raring to go when they arrive in the studio in the weeks to come.

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