Christmas Circus Spectacular

STEPHEN PULLINGER Hippodrome Circus, Great Yarmouth


Hippodrome Circus, Great Yarmouth

The fact that bookings have doubled from last year is proof if needed that Yarmouth's Hippodrome Circus has become firmly established on the Christmas calendar.

And the reaction of my two youngest children, four and two, highlight why the fast-moving show has become such a family favourite.

While their attention span for pantomime does not exceed 10 minutes, they have remained spellbound throughout every minute of every Hippodrome Circus they have seen since they were born.

A good case can be may made for this being Peter Jay's best Christmas circus yet, the two hour show being a whirlwind of breathtaking circus acts complemented by the exciting music and lights that have become a Hippodrome trademark.

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This year's highlight has to be the faultless routine of the American flying trapeze act the Bull Dancers, newly crowned as Britain's best aerial act in 2006.

Every inch of the historic auditorium's height is exploited as they deliver a stunning routine culminating in a rarely seen triple somersault.

Mexican crown Chico Rico, chosen his versatility and striking originality, had everyone in stitches with his Rocky-style boxing routine borrowing hapless members of the audience.

Juggler Jamile Martinez does things with a football that would make Ronaldo envious while Mecho and Sergio demonstrate awesome strength in their power balancing act.

Bolazs, from Hungary, performs a highly individual wheel act and Italian Duo Biasini slow the pace slightly with their graceful aerial act.

A charming feature of the Christmas show is the participation of children as young as six from the Hippodrome dance company, this year joined by youngsters from Norwich's Chermond Circus Academy.

All in all, a perfect Christmas recipe, not to be missed.

t Continues to January 7. Box office :01493 844172.

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