Caught in the Net

Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

Ray Cooney just gets better and better, and I'm sure Caught in the Net will prove to be a huge hit wherever it's played. The fast and furious plot never lost its humour, and in places I could hardly see my notebook for tears of laughter.

For 20 years, John Smith (Andrew Lynford of EastEnders fame), taxi driver, has had a blissfully happy life with his wife Mary (Basienka Blake). He's also had a blissfully happy 18 years with his wife Barbara (Jacqueline Roberts). Yes, he's a bigamist – and he's got away with until now.

John and Mary's teenage son Gavin (Gary Moreline) and John and Barbara's teenage daughter Vicki (Rebecca Lee Morgan) accidentally log on to each other on the internet – and discover that their fathers share the same name, same job, same age. They must meet.

The plot comically describes 'O, what a tangled web we weave' as John enlists the help of Stanley Gardner (Damian Williams) and his elderly Dad (Derek Wright) to keep the wives and siblings apart. Williams, always a pleasure to watch, led the merry dance with Lynford a perfect partner.

A thoroughly enjoyable experience well directed by Bruce James and excellent set and lighting – well worth going to see again and again.