Bryan Adams

RICHARD BATSON Blickling Hall Estate


Blickling Hall Estate

The voice is hewn from classic rock and the career and reputation built on the firm foundations of millions of world wide record sales.

Bryan Adams is a music icon whose enduring appeal, energy and charm keeps drawing the crowds all around the globe.

This year he has been to the USA, South Africa, India and the Gulf. This week it is Norfolk, Derby, Northampton and Liverpool. Then it is off to Spain, Italy, and Scandinavia.

Last night it was Blickling, where he served up his blend of belting rock and edgy crooning to a sell-out lakeside crowd of 10,000 people - some of whom arrived 12 hours earlier. The picnickers rose to their feet as one as he kicked off with the raunchy So Far So Good.

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Dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans he told the crowd: “It's a beautiful night for a rock concert.”

Before long they were singing back the chorus of 18 Til I Die and Can't Stop This Thing We Started.

By the time Summer of 69 rang out around the park the crowd was clapping and the gazebos gyrating.

Even the Everything I Do song that once drove us all mad at the top of the charts sounded fresh thanks to the light and shade of clean acoustic guitar and soaring electric lead.

And there was a treat for local girl Sarah Gray when she was picked from the crowd to join him for the duo Baby When You're Gone.

Compared to the plastic choreography of the boy band which had been on the same stage a few days earlier this was music in the raw.

The singer/songwriter, and all round good guy who has won awards for his fund raising work, has also made himself a name as an accomplished photographer in recent years.

If he had not been a bit preoccupied, last night's gig on an idyllic summer evening at a stunning stately home would have made him a cracking picture for his album. But it sounded even better.

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