Blickling Concert weekend 2017: 10 essentials to ensure Classic Ibiza and the Great British Prom are a night to remember

Bringing your own food and drinks is always a fun thing to share. Picture: Chris Taylor

Bringing your own food and drinks is always a fun thing to share. Picture: Chris Taylor - Credit:

With the Blickling Concert weekend fast approaching, here's a top 10 list of things to bring to make sure you have the best evening at either Classic Ibiza or the Great British Prom next weekend.

Picture: Chris Taylor

Picture: Chris Taylor - Credit:

1. First and foremost – don't forget your ticket!

2. A colourful picnic blanket or comfy chair that won't block the view of the people sitting behind you.

3. Family and/or friends – these evenings are made to be enjoyed in your favourite company so be sure to grab a friend or two or your favourite family members to soak up the atmosphere with.

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4. Shoes you can boogie or comfortably walk across a meadow in. Leave those stilettos at home!

5. Food and drink – whether you opt for a bag of Hoola-Hoops and a six-pack or a full picnic of fruit, cheese, charcuterie and a bottle of fizz, bringing your own food and drinks is always a fun thing to share. But don't despair, if you'd rather buy on site, there'll be a great selection at Blickling too. Or you can book a Carluccio's hamper to pick up when you arrive. Order them on line at the same time as you order your tickets or call the box office on 01630 674342.

6. Fully charged phone – sounds like an obvious one but you never know when you're going to need it for that perfect selfie or to get you out of a muddle!

7. Helium balloon – it's not just because balloons are super cool. Attach your balloon to a chair or cooler at your hang-out spot so that friends can find you easily in the crowd after they take a wander to the washrooms or bar.

8. Glow sticks and flags – wave them around to show your enthusiasm and catch your friends' eyes when they're scanning the crowd for you.

9. Be prepared for the weather – hopefully just a pair of shades will be needed and maybe a sweatshirt for the end of the evening when the sun's gone down and the dew starts to arrive as you're heading back to your car or bus.

10. And finally, a great mood – these evenings are full of fun so bring a smile and have the time of your life.

The Blickling concerts take place next weekend, Friday and Saturday, August 11-12. Tickets will be sold out in the next few days for Classic Ibiza on the Friday and tickets will not be sold on the night. For more more information, visit or

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