Latitude festival 2019: what pushed Black Mirror’s Charlie Brooker out of his comfort zone?B

The queue to see Charlie Brooker at Latitude 2019. Picture: Jamie Honeywood

The queue to see Charlie Brooker at Latitude 2019. Picture: Jamie Honeywood - Credit: Archant

Hangovers and heat didn't stop queues at the Black Mirror talk at Latitude Festival early Sunday afternoon.

Charlie Brooker, the show runner, was joined on stage with the show's producer Annabel Jones to discuss all things Black Mirror.

The Netflix anthology series is renowned for its dystopic and often prophetic vision of the future.

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But it was writing an optimistic episode, San Junipero, that pushed Charlie Brooker out of his comfort zone.

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Mr Brooker, who confessed to being a pessimist, also said he was uncharacteristically optimistic about the future.

He said that widespread concern about the state of the world means that he could take a day off worrying.

And despite Black Mirror's futuristic outlook, Mr Brooker a takes an old school approach to the writing process and jots ideas down on a whiteboard.

He also said that he sees episodes like songs and structures series like albums.

Although his tried and tested system was challenged when an audience member handed him a laminated CV.

The aspiring actor was hoping to blag a role in the next series.

Mr Brooker delighted in his previous role as Father Christmas and promised he would take a look at his CV later.

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