Billy Bluelight


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Racing down to Yarmouth along with Billy Bluelight in Crude Apache's new production, you can't help being inspired by this gentle, compassionate character, who made such a mark on Norfolk life.

But what is it about his story which, 56 years after his death, still has the power to move people? Is it the aforementioned famous races between Norwich and Yarmouth, where he beat vessels like the steam wherry Jenny Linda charging along on foot? Or was it the rhymes he used to chant which caught people's imagination: “My name is Billy Bluelight, my age is 45, I hope to get to Carrow Bridge before the boat arrive”; or was it his knack of charming the highest of the high and the lowest of the low as he sold them his flowers, fruit or vegetables either from the back of his wherry or as he stood with a basket on their front door step?

It's hard to put your finger on the answer. But Crude Apache's show which tours some of the most picturesque of his old haunts up and down the Yare Valley goes some way to exploring the way a legend is made.

This new adaptation of the original play written by creative team Kathy and Simon Floyd and Karl Minns and adapted by Russell Turner and Jo Edye is short, sharp and funny.

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