Basil Brush, The Fox Factor

Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

In the 1960s, Basil Brush had yellow teeth and a friend called Mr Derek; 40 years later, the teeth are still yellow, but the ginger-tailed puppet now shares a TV house with a couple of smart-talking teens.

CBBC's Basil Brush Show is the only children's pro-gramme that makes my 11- year-old laugh out loud, so we head off to see if the stage show, The Fox Factor, has the same 'Boom Boom' appeal.

The evening is a cheap and cheerful combination of comedy, song and magic (the latter provided by the engagingly youthful duo of Keelan Leyser and Charlotte Marie); water is squirted and custard pies thrown.

Basil is joined by cheeky comic sidekick, Tucker. Thanks to his well-judged rapport, there is plenty of funny audience participation. In the second half, ultraviolet spook show, Boney M-Inem magic up a greater illusion than Basil Brush himself.

Although TV's most famous fox looks and sounds the part, the puppet master's hands are clearly visible working the strings. A pair of black gloves might have helped, and then Basil truly would have had The Fox Factor.

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