Art - Gracie Wright

> Orgasmic, Queen Street, Norwich

> Orgasmic, Queen Street, Norwich

Having studied photography and painting at City College Norwich, Gracie Wright has unleashed herself on the public with a solo exhibition at Orgasmic. The venue makes an ideal backdrop for her youthfully vibrant digital canvases.

Dancing Lights was, amaz-ingly, taken on her first excursion with a digital camera. Focusing on a particularly vivid yellow light in a nightclub, she began to spin in time with the music. This experimental motion has created striations of lime and yellow on a pulsing red back-ground. It's a funky, experien-tial recording of modernity.

In another print Wright uses a similar approach with a crystal chandelier to give the viewer an impression of peering through a microscope at Dayglo sperm rushing to inseminate a dark central vortex.

Many images are contrived by working with double exposures overlaid to great effect. Crimson Tide features a pool of tiled, sunlit water with the second image gently introduced to create a meditative mosaic effect. I was so taken with this particular image that I plan to commission a roller blind for the privy!

The most eye-catching series, though, is created by morphing a hibiscus flower with an agapanthus.

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Interested in the notional relationships of colours, Wright has artfully reversed and redistributed them to form vibrantly modified flora. It's bright and energetic stuff, visually accessible and commercially priced to sell.

I was less taken with her oils. With colours layered down with a palette knife in heavy impasto, at best they lack impact or presence and at worst they are uncomfortably amateurish.