Anhui Acrobatic Troupe of China

Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

Fusion is a buzz word in performing arts circles nowadays, and this show saw circus meet ballet meet gymnastics on the ground and in the air.

Music mixed traditional oriental with a variety of genres complemented by a glittering array of costumes.

Eleven acts display staggering circus and acrobatic skills in tumbling, balancing, twisting, offering heart-stopping moments - such as a wobbling tower of 10 chairs supporting seven girls upside down. Just.

A highlight ended the first half - 10 men up and down two poles by feet and arms in a breathtaking show of strength and timing that had every watching man wincing as they flew from pole to pole using upper legs as brakes. The finale gave us accelerated tumbling on to a human tower so high the top was lost in the flys.

The acts, needing a coherent linking, may benefit from being set in a circus arena, but watching through a proscenium arch highlighted the skill of every movement.

Open wings revealed who was preparing to be next, loud backstage instructions, dropping plates, wobbling - all done with a smiling, friendly openness.

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Anhui, at the start of a nationwide tour, will polish as they got. Meanwhile the strategy of Marina manager Martin Halliday to bring to Lowestoft exciting world-class performance is vindicated yet again.

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