Alex Home and Cowards

Norwich Arts Centre

> Norwich Arts Centre

This pre-Edinburgh warm-up encompassed everything from the sketch to the noble art of stand-up.

Sketch material was vague in orientation. There were some attempts at a coherent theme, with television featuring highly and a strong seam of Pythonesque japery, as various surreal scenarios presented themselves, around which the line-up improvised in an everyday manner.

Deadpan in the face of crisis, the cast rescued each other from wells and trees and tackled a full-scale house blaze by opening the fridge.

They also hung upside down from the edge of cliffs deep in small talk.

Alex Horne's single set saw him tackling words with a Latinate origin and sweetening his reception by sending his lighting man out to get chicken nuggets for a heckler - that's one way to deal with dissent.

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My verdict on the up-and-coming talent: a boring, sceptical, check-shirted one beer-swilling generation, who have nothing better to regurgitate than the received views on everything.

Competent, though and likely to go down well in Edinburgh, where they will challenge nobody and maybe even win a TV series, if they succeed in being just a little more bland.