Alan Carr

Norwich Playhouse

Saturday Night at the Playhouse was better than a facelift - Carr (of Friday Night Project fame) had the ability to tighten your laughter muscles and keep them wound up round your ears so tight, it was almost like he'd performed some kind of surgery.

I'm trying to remember the last person who made me laugh as much.

Lee Mack when he was first starting off? Jenny Eclair? It's hard to say.

It's also difficult to put your finger on just what was so funny. In an hour and a bit, the comic treated us to a slice of life in which we met everyone from his parents to his goofy neighbours and accompanied him on dates so bad he had to spike his own drinks.

But although the jokes came thick and fast and the stories were engaging, I have a feeling this funny man could have read you a shopping list and made you chortle just the same.

He's just got the gift of the gag. And that's pure treasure.

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