From Mary Berry to Requiem - 7 things to watch on TV this week

Classic Mary Berry. Picture Endemol Shine UK.

Classic Mary Berry. Picture Endemol Shine UK. - Credit: BBC/Sidney Street Productions/Endemol Shine

Our television editor Stacia Briggs picks her top shows of the week.

From Wall To Wall Productions 100 YEARS YOUNGER IN 21 DAYS. Picture ITV.

From Wall To Wall Productions 100 YEARS YOUNGER IN 21 DAYS. Picture ITV. - Credit: ITV

Saturday: Six Nations Live 2018: Ireland v Wales, ITV, 1.30pm:

Joe Schmidt's Ireland are buoyant after making a strong start to their Six Nations campaign thanks to Jonny Sexton's heroics in Paris and a comprehensive dismantling of Italy in Dublin. By contrast, Wales will be smarting after their narrow 12-6 defeat last time out against England at Twickenham. I have no idea what any of this means.

Sunday: Call the Midwife, BBC1, 8pm:

It's business as usual for the midwives as Trixie heads off to Portofino to see her Godmother, Lucille helps an expectant mother who is less than overjoyed to be pregnant, Violet and Fred throw a picnic for the parish with the help of Reggie and there's a rumour that a Nigerian seaman with smallpox is hiding in Poplar and might well bring a viral apocalypse to East London. Hang on, what was that last one?

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Monday: Classic Mary Berry, BBC1, 8.30pm:

It sounds like what you might say after you heard Mary say something like 'even bake' or 'soggy bottom' – 'Oh that's CLASSIC Mary Berry…' It is, however, MB's new show which demonstrates a whole range of classic recipes that Maz likes to whip up at home. Tonight, she's making eggs Benedict Florentine, slow-cooked lamb shanks, and deliciously rich chocolate truffle pots, before enjoying open-fire cooking with Swedish chef Niklas Esktedt. I call open-fire cooking 'toasting a marshmallow'.

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Tuesday: 100 Years Younger in 21 Days, ITV, 9pm:

Now this is a line-up of celebrities: Sid Owen, June Brown, Claire King, Sherrie Hewson, Roy Walker, Shaun Ryder, Russell Grant, Sandra Martin – frankly, I don't care what they do, I just want to see them in a room together. But what they are doing is drinking the blood of virgins or seeing if portraits in their collective attics can age on their behalf. Something like that – I didn't read the details. They had me at 'June Brown and Shaun Ryder'.

Wednesday: Nelson in His Own Words, BBC4, 9pm:

Another chance to see Norfolk's main man Horatio telling it like it is/was. Britain's naval hero was famous for his dash-and-glory deeds but he was also a prolific letter writer whose words demonstrated just how desperate he was for admiration and recognition. He also used PR to his advantage and was careful about praising his rivals in case they threatened his social climbing. Nelson is fleshed out in this repeat by RSC actor Jonathan Slinger.

Thursday: Serial Killer with Piers Morgan, ITV, 9pm:

It feels as if Piers Morgan might spend more time with serial killers and Donald Trump than he does with his own family – whenever I look at the listings he seems to be permanently inside a maximum-security prison with someone who is serving a life sentence. He always gets out, though. Tonight, Piers is back behind bars at Missouri's Crossroads Correctional Facility, he comes face to face with Lorenzo Gilyard – the Kansas City Strangler who for nearly two decades, brought fear to the streets of his home town.

Friday: Requiem, BBC1, 9pm:

BBC1's Requiem is mixed bag of Omen-style horror, Inside No 9 style pastiche laugh-out-loud moments of cliché, but if you've stuck with it this far, you're in it until the grim end. Personally, I hope that whatever appears to be after the deeply annoying Matilda (Lydia Grey) manages to finish the job (as I have watched the whole series, I know all the answers. But I am pretending I don't because I am a professional. Of sorts). Tonight, Matilda meets Laura, who claims to know crucial details about Carys's disappearance and also begins to have Marcella-esque blackouts.

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