21st Century Art in a Medieval Setting

The King of Hearts, Norwich

The King of Hearts, Norwich

Sculpture that gives life a completely different perspective can be very disorientating. And that, plus exciting and accessible, is what the new show at the King of Hearts really is.

Aude Gotto, that energetic powerhouse behind the venue, has put together a show from her own collection, plus some stunning new pieces, many from local artists.

Ros Newman has two of her steel impressions which have a delicacy and dreamy quality that belies the welding involved in their fabrication.

The Dancing Figure from Eleanor Christie-Chatterley is sublimely elegant.

Emily Mayer's work always makes you stop, track back and check that you are really seeing what you thought you saw. Her Road Relic looks just as if that is what it is. And it is, in one way, as it is made from cast-off chunks of tyre, springs and other motor materials that others might call junk. But not when they are assembled in this brilliant and witty way.

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There is not a piece, from the 15 sculptors represented, that most people would not love to have in their own living rooms.

As one visitor chuckled to me, “I must be an intellectual. I like and understand all this stuff.”

Do not miss this show, challenging our sense in this medieval setting, rescued from demolition by the vision and energy of Gotto. It is on until 20 April.

Where else could you get such a heady mindshot for free?

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