From a restaurant run by the winner of BBC's Great British Menu to a bistro that has only been open since 2017, these are the Norwich restaurants that feature in The Michelin Guide 2020.

The city's diverse and independent food scene has grown massively over the last decade and it is no surprise that four Norwich establishments are in the Great Britain and Ireland book this year, as decided by anonymous inspectors, including two in St Benedicts Street.

1. Benedicts

Where: 9 St Benedicts Street, Norwich, NR2 4PE

Eastern Daily Press: Richard Bainbridge in the kitchen of Benedicts Restaurant Credit: Katja BainbridgeRichard Bainbridge in the kitchen of Benedicts Restaurant Credit: Katja Bainbridge (Image: Archant)

What the inspectors said: A huge window lets in lots of light and white wood panelling keeps things suitably down-to-earth. Tried-and-tested combinations are given subtle modern touches and show respect for good quality Norfolk ingredients.

2. Roger Hickman's

Where: 79 Upper Saint Giles Street, Norwich, NR2 1AB

What the inspectors said: Personally run restaurant in a historic part of the city, with soft hues, modern art and romantic corners. Service is attentive yet unobtrusive. Cooking is modern, intricate and displays respect for ingredients' natural flavours.

3. Georgian Townhouse

Where: 30-34 Unthank Road, Norwich, NR2 2RB

Eastern Daily Press: Dinner at the Georgian Townhouse, in Norwich. Credit: Lauren CopeDinner at the Georgian Townhouse, in Norwich. Credit: Lauren Cope (Image: Archant)

What the inspectors said: Laid-back pub with a flexible menu: choose small plates to start or to share; dishes 'for the table' for two or for; or something for yourself 'from the store'. Fruit and veg is home-grown and they home-smoke cheese and spit-roast and flame-grill meats. Bold, retro-style bedrooms have fridges and coffee machines.

4. Farmyard

Where: 25 St Benedicts Street, Norwich, NR2 4PF

What the inspectors said: As its name suggests, the cooking at this spacious bistro centres on unadulterated local ingredients. At the heart of the open kitchen is a Big Bertha charcoal oven, which adds plenty of flavour to the various meats and fish. For dessert, try the Farmyard Chocolate Bar. The lunch menu is good value.

Hannah Springham, who owns Farmyard with husband and chef Andrew Jones, said: "We were in the guide in 2019 but we were just listed, but this time we had our own review which was really exciting.

"When you have a restaurant the dream is to be acknowledged by the Michelin Guide and you shouldn't take it for granted.

"It took people a while to understand what we were as we aren't fine dining and aren't try to get Michelin star - we want to offer beautiful food that also gives you bang for your buck.

"You fully expect places like Benedicts and Roger Hickman's to be there and we are very proud to be standing next to them."

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